if you are screwed

It’s easy to be the other guy, and the GOP has had the pleasure of this for two years. They effectively voted no on almost every initiative pushed through the senate.  This staunch opposition forced many bills to be weakened in a vain attempt at compromise.  The health care bill lost a public option, the recovery package was not enough, and Wall Street reform was wimpy at best.  When push comes to shove, most independent voters aren’t crying foul when government intervenes during a crisis, but since these programs didn’t work as best they could because of their lack of strength, the full impact wasn’t felt and the perception that Obama and Democrats failed the American people prevailed.  The GOP played every one of their cards and played them perfectly.  The problem now for the Right is that they have no cards left in the deck.

Just as the American people expected immediate change from Obama, they now expect the same from the Republicans who control the House.  The difference in this case is that the GOP has no plan to do anything to help the American people get back to work. Every policy in the GOP portfolio involves taking a step backwards, deregulating business and cutting federal programs.

The good news? The wizard is out from behind the curtain and no longer can the GOP hide behind the minority vote.  The American people will finally see what doing nothing entails.  They will see the refusal of the GOP to move on any issue that may create jobs.  They will see the Right spend their time frivolously investigating the White House and attempting to repeal health care at a time when benefits start kicking in.  They will see the Republican party for what they are — not a populist, grassroots movement, but rather an exclusive club with the implicit mission of ensuring that those on the top stay where they are.

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