if you flirt with racism

It seems that every few days, some politician or pundit on the Right is accusing Democrats of playing the race card.  Regardless of how many blatantly prejudice posters are seen at tea rallies, if any Democrat brings up the issue they are pounced on by the GOP machine, accused of race baiting and dividing our country.  The posters are never condemned by the politicians at the rallies or those in charge.  Even when the politicians themselves act in a racist fashion, it seems to go by without so much as a hiccup.  The prime example being when Carl Paladino was caught sending countless racist emails about president Obama.  His excuse?  He called his actions “a bad judgment.”

Now Rush Limbaugh is at it again.  In response to the power shifts in the house between two the prominent black congressmen, Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn.  Rush said,

“Steny Hoyer and Clyburn, Hoyer wanting Clyburn to go back to the back of the bus, leadership battle.””So there you have it. All hell breaking loose in the Democrat Party because now black and brown people [are saying], ‘Tonight we on the inside, we wanna get in there. The white racist leadership of the Democrat Party is trying to ace out Clyburn.

“Hey, I have a suggestion. You know, I like to mediate these things. I like to bring people together. I like to unify people. I don’t like seeing this kind of strife. Clyburn’s worried about not having the car. Clyburn’s worried about not having the perk of a big office, driver, and so forth. The way this can all be worked out, Clyburn’s new position: Driving Miss Nancy. He gets to keep the car. He gets to go everywhere she goes, parties and everything else. He’s not in the back of the bus. He’s in the driver’s seat, and she’s in the back of the car being chauffeured. Solved problem.”

This blatantly racist rhetoric is astonishing.  Back of the bus?  Driving Miss Daisy?  Black and brown people?  Not to mention his apparent imitation of a black man saying, “[t]onight we on the inside.”

It is time for progressives to stop being so damn scared to be accused of playing the race card.  Rush Limbaugh is a racist.  Carl Paladino is a racist.   They may not be wearing white hoods anymore, but this new era of “subtle racism” is almost scarier.

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