if you bite the hand that feeds you

In a new Huffington Post article, it came out that GOP Senator, John Ensign, requested and received one million dollars in health care funds even though, during the health care debate, he was a leading voice of Republicans opposing health care saying, “the Democrats’ health reform bill violates the Constitution of the United States of America…I don’t believe Congress has the legal or moral authority to force this mandate on its citizens.” Regardless, he used the funds that he decried. Unfortunately, blatant hypocrisy regarding federal funds is not a unique problem for the Right who quietly — and compulsively — accept funds that they protest in public. Governors Rick Perry, Mark Sanford, Tim Pawlenty and Bob Riley all criticized stimulus and health care funds while, at the same time, accepted millions from the federal government. While I feel obliged to point this out, I am certainly glad they accepted the checks as no state should suffer because of an individual’s political and ideological stubbornness. Yet some do; watch and see how many red states will sue to opt out of the health care regulations in the coming years.

It’s even worse in congress with countless Republican lawmakers running their mouths about earmarks, yet taking home record pork at the same time. Is the GOP really all about reducing the deficit? If actions speak louder than words, not in the least. Not that I think the deficit needs to be reduced at a time when the government needs to be pumping cash into the economy. There will be plenty of time to talk deficit reduction once we have the economy stabilized.

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