if you hate business regulation but promote people regulation

It is widely speculated that when the GOP gains more power over the FCC that Net Neutrality will be off the table.  The principle behind neutrality is that regardless of how much a user pays or what isp he chooses,  he gets the same level of access to the internet.  In its current form, the beauty of the internet is that it is an inherently even playing field for essentially everyone in the country.  Without neutrality, big business will run rampant with corporations controlling access to content thereby turning the information superhighway into the information turnpike.

This is yet another example of the GOP’s hypocrisy in ideology.  The internet as we know it now is a capitalist’s dream; it provides equal opportunity for anyone to open a business with little or no cost and make money based on ingenuity, drive, and work ethic.  While this seems part of the Republican’s own platform, their decisions on net neutrality will expose the fact that the GOP is not the party of personal responsibility, capitalism and entrepreneurship, but rather the political wing of corporate America.  Are we so short sighted that we forget Joe Barton apologizing to BP?  They want government to get out of our lives, but have no problem imposing government regulations on individuals who want to access something that is essential to personal freedom.

What the debacle with DADT, marijuana reform, and the Patriot Act has taught us is that the GOP (and some shameful, conservative Democrats) is not interested in having government stay out of our lives — they want to control what we smoke, what we say and who we fuck —  and now they want to give corporations the ability to control free thought and information.  All said, Joe Barton and Chairman Mao have more in common than one might think.

What is deregulation?  Merely individual regulation.  The expulsion of personal liberty.  And with the demise of net neutrality, we are beginning the slow decent to the corporatization of the most liberated space in all of humanity.

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