if you’re still fighting Marxism

Steve King

Bachmann isn’t alone in her desire to investigate politicians’ “un-american” activities (as she mentioned in a Chris Matthews interview earlier this year).  Now Representative Steve King from Iowa is contemplating whether or not it would be a good idea to reinstate the House Un-American Activitees Committe — that congressional committee made famous by the McCarthy hearings. He claims that the committee helped curb “the ugly spread of Marxism in America” and that he thinks it is a good process and would “support it.” Because, as we all know, Marxism is a real issue right now.  Forget the economy, unemployment or even Osama Bin Laden; instead, let’s interrogate those commie bastards!

If I seem obsessed with the Right’s apparent plan to wage a new war on Communism, that is because I am.  The McCarthy hearings were once seen as an ugly stain on the fabric of our nation. They were divisive, dangerous, and arguably unconstitutional.  To revisit these old practices is almost as reprehensible as suggesting that only landowners should have the right to vote — as Tea Party leader Judson Phillips remarked during a radio show this week. In an article last month, I made the point that the GOP is using the evil Communist bogey man the same way it did half a century ago — to scare the ignorant and elderly in our society into believing that  if a citizen isn’t mindlessly nationalistic, they are unfit to call themselves American. And if the election was any testament, it worked.  Sadly, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In the coming months we will see other Conservative Republicans come out of the wood work to impose their brand of propaganda on the unwitting public. Whether it be a “Manchurian” candidate or the perceived threat of Communism from within our own borders,  the more things we as a populace have to be scared of, the more we behave irrationally and allow our emotions (not out brains) process information.  And since almost the entire GOP platform is irrational, they will keep pumping fear into the hearts of the ignorant masses and have a strangle hold on their base — the uneducated.

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