If you don’t care about the unemployed: “So be it.”

John Boehner: “The federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs since President Obama took office. And if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it.”

Cutting the deficit, they say, is the real way to fix unemployment and will lead to a stronger economy thus stimulating job growth.  This is categorically untrue; just read about FDR’s policies.  And if history isn’t Boehner’s strong point, he only needs to read about what is happening in the UK where the government instituted a series of austerity measures that significantly cut most social programs in Britain and now (according to the BBC) they are facing rising unemployment and a weakened social safety net.  Say what you will about the unemployment rate here, at least it has been going down with the aid of stimulus.

The fear tactics from the Right will continue: we don’t want to see what happened in Greece happen here or social security will go bankrupt or we will have nothing to leave our children. Bullshit.  This country is exorbitantly stronger than Greece ever was.  Social Security has a surplus.  And, our kids will be fine. There’s a time to cut and there’s a time to build — now is the time to build.  And if that increases the deficit, SO BE IT.

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