If you are too lazy to read the damn bill.

Republicans don’t like things that are very big, too long to read or (gasp) complicated. From the healthcare bill to virtually anything that’s longer than a standard restaurant menu, the GOP has this infatuation with simple common sense.  Unfortunately, common sense is usually far from simple.  Case in point — creating jobs.

The GOP would like us to believe that the best way to add jobs to our faltering economy is to exclusively cut taxes on the rich and corporations, deregulate stuff and kill the EPA even though the economy is in the shit hole because we did that in the first place.  Regardless, the President wrote a bill that is actually pretty simple with a lot of small words.  I guess he was hoping the Republican’s would turn off reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger and actually read the damn thing.  But, I’m not too sure they read it because if they did they would see that most of the proposals are actually things that the Republicans have consistently voted on in the past.

Here is a brief run down of the bill:

  • Small business tax cuts.  Includes a payroll tax cut for 98% of businesses.
  • Tax credits for hiring returning veterans.
  • Money to prevent laying off 280,000 teachers.
  • Small business regulatory reforms.
  • Modernizing 35,000 schools.
  • Expand high speed wireless.
  • Infrastructure spending.  Includes fixing bridges and roads.
  • $4,000 tax credit for businesses hiring unemployed workers.
  • Extended unemployment insurance – with caveats.
Now read this list.  Go ahead, Republican’s, its not that long. Aside from extending unemployment, make an argument against any of these programs.  Tell me that they are something you can’t support.  Really.  Every single element in here a) helps our country b) puts money in our pockets c) helps small business d) encourages employment growth.
And to pay for it?  Additional deficit reduction and a trivial tax hike for the wealthy.  I know its so overused that its becoming a cliche but, please, pass this bill.
So, GOP, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.  I will assume that you are not a group of petulant assholes who are putting party politics and an unhealthy hatred of our president above the good of our country.  I will merely assume that you are too lazy or apathetic to have actually read the bill.  A bill that is full of tax cuts and common sense solutions to a really big problem.  So, put down the remote, read the bill and do something!
Photo Credit: Navy Visual News Service – Creative Commons

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